Bar club customer from Europe buy led ice bucket


The first time the customer W to the inquiry is very simple, that is to the ice bucket, you can customize the logo, etc., and then is the number, with the size of the other nothing, I was directly   regarded as spam inquiry, but in the no Other things dry, I thought you such a query I also a simple tooth to reply, on the rough reply to the price, no English modification and description of what materials used, did not report any hope, 2 hours after the customer actually back to the mail, One by one to find the customer to the things I can all understand, and my heart has a customer to use the product and scope, and quickly with a similar product pictures sent to customers to confirm the discussion of   the box, labels and so on.

bar ice bucket.jpg

After a detailed description of the product after I follow the   customer's request directly in the email above the reply to the   price, the customer a look at the price OK, directly call me PI in   the past, but also asked me whether to accept Western Union   payment, of course, I made my own Western Union Account to the   customer, the customer on the 2nd day to play money, and 8 days   after the production period by DHL official website express, this   customer is really the kind of money, more than 2,000 pieces of   freight, then do not say a direct call me on the line. From the   first time to do the goods, I guess this customer will have a lot   of orders, because he is engaged in bar night work. After   receiving the product, S is very satisfied with the product.

pub ice bucket.jpg

In the logo provided by the customer, not the original document   can be used for directprinting, our designers must follow the customer's design, copy the original design to the customer to confirm that the customer is also very pleased that we can help him? Foreign design and production Cost should be separated, if   the domestic reach a certain number, the design is free, this is our comparative advantage abroad. So the customer almost once a   month order, and slowly communicate has become a good friend, when   the third time to complete the goods, I heard that my child was   born, specifically to 50 dollars to my children to buy gifts, so good customers, I really Very grateful! Li Shang exchange, then I   bought a cup of ceramic coffee cups to customers, customers are   very happy. And now has maintained a business dealings, I hope   there will be more and more orders.